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Tender Loving Efficiency...

Organization makes for efficiency and saves you money. Commonwealth MOvers offer experienced professional packing services at reasonable prices. If you don't have the time or know-how to pack your house, let our professionals handle ir for you. This gives you more time to take care of those "other important things to do", while being rest assured that your complete move is being handles with tender loving care.

Packing On Your Own

If your on a budget and decide to pack your belongings yourself, Commonwealth Movers will be happy to advise you during the process. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions you may have. If you require packing supplies, we offer a full assortment of commercial boxes and packing supplies.

Labeling Label each box indicating which room it will go to upon delivery. Pack fragile items carefully in separate boxes, and label those boxes as "FRAGILE". Tape each box shut. Keep the weight of each box at 40 pounds or less for ease of maneuverability.

There are some items that should never be packed for moving:

  • No flammable items; such as: paint, gasoline, lighter fluids, or other similar items.

We offer some helpful hints in the chart below and our prices for boxes:

Box Name Size Items To Pack In Box
Book Boxes (Small)
17" x 12.5" x 12.5" Books, records, papers, wine, liquor, tools, heavy cookware.
(Medium) Box
18" x 18" x 16" Pots and pans, linens (towels & sheets), shoes, games, small pictures, lamp shades, toys, silverware, purses, cooking utensils, stereo components, odds & ends.
Large Box
18" x 18" x 24" Basically anything that won't fit in the above boxes; cookie sheet, pans, serving trays, games, pictures, blankets, pillows, lamps and lamp shades.
Extra Large Box
22" x 22" x 22" Big lampshades, pillows, bedspreads, quilts, comforters, cushions, baskets and globes. Dishes, plates, bowls, saucers (on bottom layer); glasses, fragile figurines and knick knacks (on top layer).
Dish Pack Boxes
18" x 18" x 27.5" Dishes, plates, bowls, saucers, glasses, fragile figurines, and knickknacks. These things should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap for ultimate protection against breakage.
Mirror Box
Reg., 4 separate pieces Pictures, mirrors, paintings, glass tabletops, small pieces of marble. These items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, or tissue paper before being boxed.
Wardrobe Boxes
21" x 20" x 47" Hanging clothes, suits, dresses, formal wear, long coats. The bottom can be used for shoes, and other smaller, lighter objects.

Other Packing materials:

  • Paper - Plain news-weight (25 lbs.) $25.00
  • Paper Pads - 48" x 72" each pad (3 layer with padded center) $3.00
  • Tape - 55 yards per roll $6.00

You can contact us now to reserve your order for boxes.


Extra Room

If your new location finds you short on space or you have a little time between moves, Commonwealth Movers can offer you clean, secure storage at its modern warehouse facilities located in Columbia and Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Your belongings will be cushioned and wrapped in cloth padding and sealed in our dust free. Solid wooden containers. Each shipment is inventoried and tracked in our system. We offer short term or extended term storage.

Our Gaithersburg storage facility is attached to our corporate headquarters and both our facilities are fully protected by a state-of-the-art alarm and sprinkler system. Why take a chance on self-service bins with your keepsakes?